Buy plastic bottle caps

Buy plastic bottle caps

Buy plastic bottle caps

Buy a variety of plastic bottle caps

Bottle caps are among the best-selling and practical products required in the market, which are produced in the form of pressure injection and molding. Avan Plast Company, manufacturer and sales agent of all kinds of PET bottle caps at cheap prices. The company that places orders through its website ( Our products are mainly sold in different models and sizes according to the order of our customers and for all kinds of products, including food product doors, detergent doors, all kinds of thin and thick spray sprays, pharmaceutical bottle caps, poison bottle caps, etc. Delivers.

Buy plastic doors and handles

In addition to selling plastic doors, Avan Plast Company also sells plastic handles as a single product and plastic doors and handles as combined products.


Production of all kinds of bottle caps

One of the methods of producing bottle caps is production by injection method. It is produced with the best quality and equipment of manufacturing companies in this field. The most common methods for producing plastic bottle caps are injection molding and pressure molding.

1- Injection method for producing bottle caps

In the production mode by injecting the PET bottle production line, in addition to the preform plastic injection machine, it has a versatile plastic injection machine for producing the bottle cap and the PET balloon machine.

2- Pressure molding method for producing bottle caps

Production of plastic bottle caps and PET bottle caps by rotary compression molding method is now a well-known technology all over the world.

Advantages of pressure molding method

Other advantages of this method and device include the following:

Quality control: Quality control of these products is an easy and automatic process. An electronic eye can immediately remove any defective part and discard it without stopping the production process.

Energy storage: The production process takes place at a low temperature and as a result less energy will be needed to heat the plastic as well as less cooling energy. In this method, compared to other methods of producing bottle caps, the total energy consumed is reduced to about 50%.

More beautiful appearance: There is no protrusion on the products due to the injection site, which makes it look more beautiful.

Comparison of injection method and pressure molding method for bottle cap production

In the production method of bottle caps by injection method, a hot passage system is needed, in the new system, no special system is required and the deformation to the final product is done quickly and the loss of raw materials is less. The parts of the device can be replaced easily, which makes the device easier to maintain and is effective in saving time.

Selling PET and plastic doors

Avan Plast products are sold to all parts of Iran as well as the export of plastic doors and the export of doors and handles to neighboring countries. Avan Plast Company will export its products to Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. And this has caused Avan Plast to sell plastic door products to many customers to buy a variety of doors and handles to contact the company. Contact Avan Plast.
Bottle caps are of special importance in the Iranian market and are manufactured and supplied through compression. Bottle Cap Shopping Center sells this product in bulk and online through its website at

Important factors in buying PET and plastic bottle caps and handles

Factors There are many factors in choosing and buying bottle caps and handles that must be considered. Factors such as:
Door and handle weight
Strength and durability of products
Composition made
Standard dimensions and size (size of bottle cap)
Product color or bottle cap

Makes the quality and durability of the products used in PET plastic bottles high, so if you want to market quality products, be careful in choosing and ordering the bottle cap and handle.

The mentioned factors and parameters were among the parameters that you must pay a lot of attention to when buying and ordering plastic bottle caps and handles, so if you want these parameters to be available in the doors and handles of the company you are buying from. The company is reputable and one of the oldest in the market so that the depth of the story can be easily understood with a simple research.

Bottle cap price

Avan Plast products are produced by the best brands and have special features. However, you can get very reasonable prices. It can also be ordered in bulk if needed.
Knowing the purchase price of plastic bottle caps can help buyers to complete their order properly; After checking the price, you can contact the sellers using the mentioned numbers and register your order in bulk and in general, all orders will be sent to the desired location throughout the country.

Sell ​​bottle caps with special conditions

Most bottle cap products are made by compression. Of course, the production and manufacture of this product has a very low cost and its quality is one of the important features of all types of bottle caps at the time of purchase.
Bottle caps are sold with special conditions from internet systems, but why is the sales of this product in Iran significant?
•    excellent quality
•    The price is right
• Possibility of bulk or bulk purchase
• Ability to buy online or in person
Dear customers, you can get all kinds of bottle caps at a special price from reputable sites in the country, it is enough just to contact the related sites in all